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Our mission is to enrich vulnerable populations through Education, Health Promotion & Sustainable Livelihood Opportunities...


ABOVE:  Members of the Bayani Urban EcoGarden together with a local government representative and Project Propel staff

Project Propel is a registered 501(c)(3) international non-profit organization using an integrated and holistic approach to health and development.

We work with vulnerable communities--those at a higher risk of poor health due to social, economic, and environmental barriers.


Our work takes root by deeply listening & cultivating relationships.  Together, we identify health challenges and collaboratively, we design sustainable solutions.  


By equipping community leaders with knowledge and skills, they emerge empowered, able to propel the community at large.  

Project Propel promotes the entire health spectrum--from the individual, to the community, to the health of our planet!

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...while nurturing respect for our Earth.

Sustainability is at the forefront of each program.



Teaching families in cities

how to grow their

own vegetables, eat nutritiously,

and improve their health.


Empowering women to create and use environmentally conscious products, while providing a stable income.


Improving indigenous communities' health and livelihoods through organic   vegetable farming.


Recycling & building

with plastic waste

and raising

awareness of the

plastic crisis.


An all-in-one sustainable water, sanitation & hygiene (WASH) station


Under the broader mission of providing HEALTH, EDUCATION & LIVELIHOOD, Project Propel works in seven

key impact areas:

  1. Nutrition-sensitive Agriculture

  2. Health Promotion

  3. Improved Health Access

  4. Women's Empowerment

  5. Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

  6. Environmental Stewardship

  7. Sustainable Livelihoods


Our Ethos

Project Propel is driven by five core values: 


Deep listening involves giving audience to those systematically overlooked by the broader society.  Through listening we better understand their unique struggles, setting the stage for a holistic & collaborative approach to development.  



We maintain that we are visitors to remote or marginalized communities that are often 'off the beaten path'.  We respectfully enter communities, tread gently alongside community members, and seek to always uphold dignity in every interaction.

We promote lasting change over immediate fixes.  Sustainability is considered in all stages of program development.  This is possible through education, strong local partnerships and empowering community leaders.


We are driven by a strong sense of duty to our own health, the health of our neighbors & communities, and the health of the environment in which we live.  

Furthermore, we hold fiscal responsibility to our supporters at par with our responsibility to the communities we work with.


We truly enjoy and deeply care for the work we do and the relationships we build with communities. 


Project Propel operates by love.  To us, this means practicing kindness, compassion, and genuine concern for the good of one another and our environment!



Stories & Voices

Ways you can get involved:

Together, let's plant seeds for a healthier tomorrow!


Join the Project Propel team by volunteering your time and skills!


Be informed! Check out our resource section.


Start a garden, Ecobrick your plastic waste.  Small ways we can live more sustainably.


Share monetary or gift in kind donations!


Start a fundraiser within your network or workplace to help support Project Propel's health initiatives.


Make a significant impact through

a planned legacy gift.


Project Propel has thrived through an array of partnerships.

Non-profit Partners | Corporate Partners | Local Government Partners | Institutional Partners | Distributor Partners

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