What are the EcoFarms?

The EcoFarms are a health empowerment and community-supported agriculture initiative created to mobilize indigenous communities towards better health and increased financial income through organic farming. 


Where are the EcoFarms?

The EcoFarms are in two principle locations on Luzon, the main island of  the Philippines. 


The Pamihahaup EcoFarms of the Aeta tribe are located in Tarlac, which is about 2 hours north of Metro Manila.  The full name of the project is entitled "Kashighawan Ha Pamihahaup" which means "Treasure in Working Together" in the native Aeta tongue.   True to its name, this project has come to fruition through local partnerships with tribal leadership, Sierreza Community Supported Agriculture and Refuge Camp.

The Manide EcoFarm, named for the Manide indigenous peoples, is located in the Bicol region, about 8 hours south of Metro Manila.

Did you know...

  • Indigenous people comprise from 10% to 20% of the population in the Philippines [1].

  • The Aeta indigenous people are thought to be the earliest inhabitants of the Philippines[2].

  • Indigenous peoples experience major structural barriers in to achieving health equity when compared to non-indigenous counterparts.  This is affected by their living conditions, income levels, employment rates, access to safe water, sanitation, health services and food availability [3].

  • They are historically a seminomadic hunter-gatherer society whose lands are continually threatened by effects of climate change and environmental degradation.

Read more about indigenous communities in the Philippines in our Resources section.

What are the benefits of the EcoFarms?



Community members are educated on proper nutrition, disease prevention, and organic farming techniques.   Seminars, health screenings, & community events reinforce healthy and sustainable practices!



Families will include more fruits and vegetables in their meals because of the EcoFarm.  For many, the EcoFarm will provide a sense of food security in times of uncertainty or financial hardship.



Through the use of organic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, farmers greatly reduce their exposure to the harmful chemicals found in conventional farming methods.   



Participating farmers are trained in financial management, produce merchandising, and value-added production to maximize the economic benefits of each harvest.

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