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Project Propel's National Nutrition Month Kick-Off Ceremony is Online!

In case you missed Project Propel's Kick-off Ceremony for July, National Nutrition Month 2021, we've posted the recording on our YouTube channel! We were honored to have Dr. Mariella Sugue Castillo (UNICEF) and Ms. Milagros Elisa Federizo (National Nutrition Council-NCR) to speak at this event!


Philippine National Anthem Invocation - Interfaith Prayer Opening Remarks - Elizabeth A. Lanning, Project Propel, Founder & CEO Message from Barangay Dona Imelda Chair - Mr. Fernan Butch Ubaldo Message from EcoGarden Presidents Message from National Nutrition Council - NCR Regional Program Coordinator, Ms. Milagros Elisa V. Federizo "Critical Window of Opportunity" Dr. Mariella Sugue Castillo, Health & Nutrition Specialist UNICEF Philippines Closing Remarks - Amanda S. Barizo, Project Propel, Chair & COO

Emcee - Kimberly Cabanes, Project Propel

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