Using unique forms of transportation to
provide much-needed health services.


Project Propel's goal is to equip Barangay health workers with a mobile form of healthcare to better serve the immediate community.


Medicabs are pedal-driven mobile clinics which are operated by the health workers of each Barangay (community).  Medicabs are an environmentally friendly and efficient mode of transportation that provide local Barangay health workers to expand their reach to the most vulnerable individuals; most often the elderly, extremely sick, and disabled residents, who otherwise cannot get to the clinic.


Each Medicab is equipped with first-aid supplies, materials for health screenings emergency relief equipment, and a space for a single stretcher. Project Propel can supply the stretcher for communities who do not currently have one.


The Medicab program is ideal for Metro Manila, which is widely known as the most densely populated city in the world. Medicabs are designed to take into account the high risk of natural disasters and flooding in the city, and therefore do not rely on fuel or electricity to run. The simple and unique design is used to provide much-needed services such as health check-ups and screenings, first-aid services, and disaster/emergency relief.


Project Propel is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

EIN: 47-2655630

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